About Us

TOL Designs, LLC has over 20 years of experience in the bike building and manufacturing industry.  The idea behind TOL is simple- make a quality product that professional builders will be excited about, and a product that the average guy/gal will know how to use.  Fit and Finish is key to your jaw dropping project- we will always put quality and customer service first.

American Bagger Magazine, 2014

Dual Radius Curved Bags. TOL Designs (Top of the Line Designs) was started twelve years ago by Sean Belitsos, a builder out of Arizona. Sean’s style is unique, with clean lines and functional angles.
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Tank Overlay and Dash. We started with a Misfit Slip Fit neck rake kit, Glenndyne G5 front wheel and a Fat Katz Laredo front fender. Next up was a complete back end from TOL Designs that included stretched bags and side covers and a tail-dragging rear fender. The bike looks great, but something is missing. To get that truly custom look we needed a stretched gas tank.
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